Industrial Service

Twe-O B.V., is a dynamic enterprise with employees who are passionate about technology. This technical service provider works for various companies and takes care of the technical maintenance and repair services of all your machines. We have a great affinity with the food industry.

What we would like to realize together with you is reliable machinery. Things should be made easy, and that is why we believe that technology should support the production process instead of technology being supported by the production process. To achieve this you have to be knowledgeable about machines and maintenance, the production process, but also about management and people.

Good technical personnel is scarce; more and more companies are experiencing this. To maintain the continuity in your business you will sometimes need extra personnel temporarily and we would like to assist you with this.

At this time we are already supporting several companies who like to use this flexible deployment. We also provide personnel for repair and technical assistance services.

What you may expect of us are all-round employees who can be deployed both independently and in a team. This is a great advantage because your team can simply continue to operate and we will fit our expertise in with your work. Besides we can react swiftly to sudden problems because we mainly operate regionally.

Reliable | professional skill | competent

The vision of Twe-O B.V.:

‘‘Doing what we are good at! The ideal partner for assembling, installing and maintaining, with reliability at centre stage in every situation.

The mission of Twe-O B.V.:

‘‘We want to be trendsetting in the industrial market (installation and maintenance) in which we are active and wish to be recognized as a reliable all-round business. We are aiming for the best possible reputation in our industry.

The trademark values of Twe-O B.V.:

Reliable | professional skill | competent