Industrial assembly

Do you lack the knowledge or experience on site and are you shorthanded in the technical field? We will be pleased to use our expertise to help and advise you.

The operations that Twe-O B.V. can perform for you are :

  • Machine maintenance, both preventive and corrective
  • Machine adjustments/optimizations/inspection
  • Overhaul work
  • Placing and moving machines
  • Machine construction installation/assembly/testing/commissioning
  • Service operations
  • 24/7 repair and consignment services
  • Support of your technical service
  • Relief for temporary shortages

Reliable | professional skill | competent

The vision of Twe-O B.V.:

‘‘Doing what we are good at! The ideal partner for assembling, installing and maintaining, with reliability at centre stage in every situation.

The mission of Twe-O B.V.:

‘‘We want to be trendsetting in the industrial market (installation and maintenance) in which we are active and wish to be recognized as a reliable all-round business. We are aiming for the best possible reputation in our industry.

The trademark values of Twe-O B.V.:

Reliable | professional skill | competent